Monday 18 August 2008

a few from the past to catch up on...

blunsdon market near swindon (big shed)
...not what it used to be (formerly Green Bridge Market, Dorcan, Swindon c.1989)
but still good for cheap wood off-cuts, tools and line-dancing gear.

homemade bbq spotted in brick lane sunday market made from a bisley office storage cabinet with door broken off flat on its back on top of a school table base with chrome plated clothes shop display racking as grill. felt-tip menu on front, mostly fish (click on image to see larger).
this stall was right in the center of the market, when i saw it at about 8.30am they had only just lit the coals so i've no idea if it worked or not. this is what gave me the idea that i could make my own bbq this summer (see homemade furniture section).

makin leaving with an average haul from a wednesday wimbledon sale
inc; 128 yellow melaware tea cups, radio flyer childs truck, red factory production bin, lemon squeezer.

plant car ...there almost every sunday at battersea boot sale with polly trying not to be in the photo on left hand side

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