Tuesday 21 June 2011

crate furniture collection

i've been collecting wooden packaging crates for around ten years. i started to edit some of my finds about a year ago and this year i began to work with the badly damaged crates from my collection. these were crates that might have been broken or have sections missing, i still have a large amount of crates that i couldn't justify using in this way.
i also use salvaged victorian pine floorboards in this project, most of these boards have been used by myself time and time again, you can see them on this blog in the south london house, shop interior projects and the midcentury.modern show stand, only the left over scrap floorboards were used. above: desk and chair
 refectory table and set of eight chairs

 patchwork details of table surfaces, depending on the intended use of these tables they can be used as is or with protective glass top surfaces, i would prefer that they are left uncovered to get knocked about.

 the chairs were designed to complement the tables, using the same angles and materials across the family.
 below: a small sideboard fitted with a single cupboard and three drawers, made with reclaimed plywood, vintage wooden crates, salvaged floorboards, pine worktop found in a junk shop in margate, found door handles from a car boot sale in south london and skip-found hinges.
(double click on any of the images to see them in more detail)

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