Monday, 14 April 2014

The Margate Project

You may be wondering why I've been so quiet on this Blog and Twitter recently, Its because I have something new and exciting to keep me busy. I am currently building a new home and workshop in the Kent coastal town of Margate. I am restoring what was a former stables, garage and fruit & veg warehouse. After many years of neglect, parts of the property had fallen into a near derelict state. My aim is to bring the building back into use under the Rupert Blanchard / Styling & Salvage method. While I'm focusing on this project I have had to slow down on other projects and making new furniture but I'm looking forwards to making more bigger and better new work in the space soon. fingers crossed.

Martino Gamper: design is a state of mind Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Very happy to have been asked by Martino to include one of my collections in his new show 'design is a state of mind' at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. As my life is currently in storage boxes I tried to pick out a few things that Martino might have spotted cluttering up my workshop (my junk on far right wall).
The exhibition is amazing, the best design show I've seen in a long time. Anyone interested in Design, Furniture Design, The creative process, needs to visit now! great news that the show has been extended until 18th May 2014, you can find out more here or on Martino's site here

Intelligent Life

Thank you to Intelligent Life magazine for the recent article
'Man in a Suit' you can read it here

Thursday, 14 November 2013

New Furniture : Table Tennis Collection

 On a recent visit to the demolition of a South London Scout Hut I found a number of broken table tennis tables, mostly half table sections or just legs. Nothing found was useable as is, and odd halves couldn't be matched up so I decided to make a series of new tables from the discovery.
Starting with this desk (No.1), using sections of tables, original folding legs and car boot sale wheels. the pedestal is fitted with three drawers and swivels so it can be used at either end of the desk (see pics)

 The table tennis bat and ball desk light has a small white light bulb (not seen in pic) the size of a ping pong ball suspended from the rear of the bat as if its about to be smashed onto the table. I've made up the aluminium bracket to mimic the type used to clamp nets onto tables. Hopefully i'll post some more pictures of this lamp in detail soon.
 Table Tennis Console. Sections of table, original fitted legs, steel frame, fitted with four drawers...

 Above: Table Tennis Desk (No.2) made from very worn overpainted sections of table tennis tables and original legs.
Below: two of a number of simple plinth tables made exclusively for Ally Capellino for a private shows in Paris and Florence (not available).
...I'm still working on a sideboard/cabinet to complete this collection, then the series will be available at Elemental. Thank you to Jason (the Photographer) Gareth (the assistant) and Veyes (the workshop assistant) And thank you to Seventeen Gallery for the use of the gallery.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Furniture

 I've made a couple of new cabinets: a bureau sideboard and a lower sideboard (see below).
Both will be available at Elemental in the coming week.
The bureau sideboard could also be used as a desk or drinks cabinet as the main 'To Let' sign folds down to provide a useful work surface, The interior (not shown here) is lined with old signage, perspex and aluminium. The salvaged main door is a hand painted 'To Let' sign, it sits above a three door storage cupboard made with an original enamel sign and a matching pair of wardrobe drawers are used at the top left. 

The low sideboard is made with an old enamel fire safety sign (cupboard on left) and a collection of vintage salvaged drawers including a singer sewing machine drawer, 30s tallboy drawers, a g-plan sideboard drawer, a desk drawer and a workshop tool drawer.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

cardboard box collection

i had a couple of spare hours in a studio a while ago so i loaded up as much of my cardboard box collection that would fit into my van and headed to the room where Agnes Lloyd-Platt was waiting to take a photo for me. After unloading all of the boxes and carefully stacking them up, Agnes took one shot to start framing and lighting the picture but the wall started to wobble, slowly moving forwards and in a huge plume of dust and with a muffled crash the entire wall collapsed. Without time to start again the boxes were loaded back into the van to try again another day, hopefully i'll stack them to the ceiling next time to hide the window (click on photo to see larger).