Sunday 17 August 2008

making a bbq from dexion shelving

this was also the night we found out that taiki can play the piano (very well) as seen here on the out of tune but locally made kingsland road piano...

this story goes backwards as i haven't yet worked out how to format a blog,
this is ceaser who was amazing all night - he did nearly all the cooking (and cleaning). line of locals and friends waiting... ceaser once worked in a glass factory so he didn't mind the heat. a great cook...

hot coals

the homemade bbq almost resembles the real thing! main gold metal sections adapted and cut from a type of dexion storage shelving called 'handy', this was made from some left-over sections from my bookshelves.
the chrome grill and upper shelf is cut from one industrial type kitchen shelf that was brand new but left behind by an old flatmate when he left the country. meat hooks (along with our cats) left behind by friends who went back to mexico. bbq tools (set of 3) from whitechapel sainsburys 99p. 2 bags of charcoal from shoreditch high street texaco garage 4.99.

shelf to add and air- holes to drill on the hot coals shelf,
main grill area made

cutting the uprights down to size

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