Monday 20 October 2008

Jean Prouvé vs. Static Caravan

i visited the prouve house earlier this year with polly (see 3rd photo in the rain) restored and assembled on the green outside tate modern as part of the prouve show at the design museum this year. great construction, i was reminded to post an image of it after finding this static caravan for sale on ebay last week for only £5.00 with no reserve (see first 2 photos).
it seems like a poor-mans prouve house -the current owner added the larger window to the side but it would be fairly easy to remove and restore, i attempted to buy it but finding a spot in london to store it and restore it is very hard and very costly and after contact with the seller he wasn't sure that it could still be lifted off-site in one piece due to a lot of wear and tear. very sadly it didn't sell on ebay and as the site it currently stands on is due for re-development it will go to the scrap man to salvage the aluminium and steel construction. at the time of writing this, i guess that it is being crushed and these pictures are all that is left of it. i do not know the maker or exact age, but i do not think is was a standard static caravan/mobile home due to its access being at one end -it seems more fitting to a commercial use such as a information center at a park/public space or maybe even at the festival of britain? who knows? it would have made an amazing british style airstream home or retail space/cafe.

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