Wednesday 5 November 2008

Homemade Crate Chair Gerrit Rietveld c.1934

i made this a while back from floorboards salvaged from 20 hoxton square (now home to yvonne lambert's new london art gallery) and the church next to no.20. i made it from seeing it in a chair design book and later found out that there is a book that gives you a pattern to work from which would have been a lot faster as it was fairly hard to work out the right angles and sizes. i de-nailed the floorboards, very lightly sanded and waxed all over to seal them. amazingly the chair is very comfy -great for watching tv in but the cats have taken to scratching the back of the chair. i am currently searching for more floorboards to make more furniture soon - i love making something usable (and even sometimes desirable) from scrap materials. please email me if you ever have any scrap floorboards/timber or plywood sheets as i would be happy to put them to use.

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