Monday 22 December 2008

holidays are coming (no.5)

Above, A Christmas gift from Martino Gamper (via the super christmas market) that i wanted to record this for it's unique wrapping; paper and ribbon with a 'seasonal greatings' stamp and 'another happy new year' ink rubber stamp (very martino/abake style). i purchased an item from Martino for a member of my family (can't say what or for who yet) very happy to also be given two further gifts for myself and Polly -very special items -thank you Martino! i really like Martino's new works this year, good to see him doing so well.
On the same note i also want to mention another designer that i feel proud to know who has made some really fantastic work this year that he should be proud of; David Pearson -for his graphic / book design, the new 'Great Ideals (Vol 3)' designs for Penguin books feels so special to hold (also amazing covers in the new series also from: Alistair Hall, Phil Baines, Cathrine Dixion). many years ago i studied with David at St.Martins where even at that early stage he was nicknamed 'helvetica-dave'. David really knows his stuff, anyone with an interest in graphic design and typography today should check him out.

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