Sunday 7 December 2008


...soon to be gone but not forgotten,
Woolworths looks like it will close down after Christmas 2008. visiting the Notting Hill store last week it looked more like mob-law ruled as customers grabbed anything with 50% discount. a very sad day for the store with random messy stock everywhere. respect to the staff who all appeared to be very hard working -amazing under the circumstances. my best and earliest memories of the shop was in Woolworths, Park South, Swindon (now gone), this branch was in the middle of a run-down 60s council estate where the local kids would open up all the toys and play with them but never buy them. one Saturday my brother and i were bought a clear-plastic sandwich bag of 'clearance' Star-Wars figures for about 35p -a very random selection of figures that the local kids had ripped open, damaged or lost the weapons. i remember getting a rather rubbish princess leia in a pink ceremony outfit (useless as a kid) as my older brother got first pick of the lot but i did get a broken 65p spaceship the week after. i also rather liked the recent advertising; 'woolie and worth' a sheep and sheep dog (Jim Henson workshop puppets?) appearing with Jackie Chan, Rolf Harris, Darth Vader to name but a few. you can see most of these adverts on utube. hopefully woolie and worth will go onto better things as did the failing OnDigital Monkey which became the winning PG Tips monkey. anyway, gone but not forgotten...

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