Saturday 6 June 2009

New Furniture for Percy and Reed

A 'rush job' for Percy and Reed hairdressing salon in London's West End - extra table/chair space urgently needed- hence the commission by Paul Percival of Percy and Reed. An antique table refinished in high gloss red with a new toughened glass top. also part-sourcing and part constructing a mirror fixed to the back of the table to give the appearance of an over-sized boutique dressing table. Paul is a nice guy to work for and i look forwards to getting a new hair cut at the salon (sorry for the usual rubbish mobile phone pictures).

below: work in progress - getting a high-gloss finish on any piece of antique furniture is always a bit hit-and-miss as you are never 100% sure how the type of wood (even when fully primed) will react to the paint due to past treatments to the wood. i didn't want to sand the wood back to far as the table needed to retain some knocks, bumps and general patina. i find that the more detailed the original piece is (turning, molding, carving, beading etc) the better the gloss finish looks when the light hits and reflects off different points of its contours.

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