Monday 1 February 2010

Telegraph Pole Table (for The Willow Shoreditch)

melksham, wiltshire - trying to make a table from decommissioned telegraph poles. many thanks to bill (with the chain saw) who helped cutting up the poles.

very hard to get them to stand up-right

my poles were 28-30ft long, dating from the late 1950s.

they are still drying out but i needed to get them into the shop today to see how they would work. i'm using a heavy duty 5ton ratchet strap to hold the stack of poles together to make a large free-standing usable work/display surface that will be used in the window of The Willow. although it still needs some work i'm fairly happy with it. also making some coffee tables in the same way. should be finished with this shop design project this week, more photos coming soon.

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