Tuesday 1 March 2011

New Arrival: Rupert Blanchard for The Barbican

Designed and produced by Rupert Blanchard exclusively for The Barbican.

Inspired by the new exhibition at The Barbican and the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, Blanchard’s trademark salvaged style is employed to produce a new side table.

Made from reclaimed interior doors found in Blanchard’s past and present homes of Swindon and Shoreditch, the doors range from late Victorian to the 1950s and are selected under the policy that only badly damaged doors and those beyond feasible repair were to be used for the project.

The doors were cut up into one foot square sections before being reassembled as one foot square cubes whilst paying homage to the original design, construction techniques and historical patina that has been preserved. The cubes sit on four legged steel bases produced by a family-run metal workshop in Bethnal Green.

Designed to be used as stand alone pieces, in pairs or as a modular section to create larger tables, every piece is unique, signed and numbered.

10 brand new pieces available now at The Barbican.

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