Thursday 24 March 2011

two new cabinets...

very slow at updating the blog lately, so much happening off-line but i'll try to show some of my new projects and furniture designs here over the next few days, starting with these new designs...
Bus cabinet BC01
Made from decommissioned, scrapped aluminium sections of a London bus, salvaged window handles, reclaimed plywood hoardings, metal base and steel top surface. One of two variations made. 
Multi drawer cabinet square MDCS 01
Made with salvaged drawers that would have once belonged to a 40s desk, a fitted wardrobe, a Victorian chest of drawers, a haberdashery shop cabinet, a 50s sideboard and a 20s chest of drawers. Main framework from plywood with a metal base. One of a series of six new multidrawer square cabinets.

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