Monday 11 April 2011

mobile phone photos - a picture heavy post from the last few weekss

swindon cat show
taps from scrap yard

robin with table

working on ally capellino's new space

time to clear the warehouse

making up some shabby furniture

working on some more pieces for the barbican

sofia helping

veyes helping

martin helping (trapped in cabinets)

4 stanley tape measures that all measure different sizes

one of my new 'bus cabinets' with a bus on kingsland road

car park sailing

too big for the van

ebay find

car boot find for time based arts

dinosaur found on shoreditch high street

painting mistakes

no mistakes

kris hiding

working with antique printed wooden crates
desk/table from scrap yard water tank

buried treasure in the thames (where it should stay) another water tank
a visit to hato press

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