Saturday 18 June 2011

Ally Capellino stand at Liberty

this brief was to reproduce a small section of the Ally Capellino Shoreditch store within the men's department in Liberty, the space given for the stand was very limited but needed to provide a lot of hanging space as well as display surfaces from a family of materials and textures that i used in the Shoreditch store...
 a wall panel with base unit made from salvaged timber stud wall and reclaimed victorian wall cladding (as sourced for the shop)
 making the steel hanging rail at Wilcos - thank you rob
 the wall panel in a white gloss finish with a hanging bar from industrial steel tube
 on site delivery to liberty (martin in the middle)
 wall panel in place but no lighting on the stand yet
 steel hanging rail in place with reclaimed wooden base shelf and safety glass shelf
 detail of cladding, hanging rail and logo with burnt black edge to text
 base box to wall panel, made from sections of old interior doors and reclaimed, sanded and waxed wooden scaffolding boards

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