Tuesday 9 August 2011

east london under fire (bethnal green)

PELLICI Moved to Itlay Roame Branch opening on 1st Sep 2012
for those of you that don't know me, i work with salvaged materials and plywood on a daily basis and have a genuine interest in everyday materials and processes.
although its been heart breaking to see, i noticed that every boarded up shop tells a story. Pellici, very professional job, thought to be cheap 'shiny' shuttering ply from Selcos builders merchant, hopefully done by one of their loyal 'builders-tea' customers. love the note scrawled on the ply, good to see that Pellici remains in high spirits.
S&R Kelly & Sons, pie and eel shop. traditional 'make do and mend' style, boarded up with what ever could be found.
Shoe-World. if you click on the image to enlarge the picture you will notice that the windows are boarded up with what appears to be wholesale shoe boxes.
Also spotted in Shoreditch and worth a mention, No.One that was boarded up with the remains of previous exhibitions, a couple of which had rock'n'roll lightning bolts painted on them (good job nick).
i would like to offer my services free of charge where possible to anyone local that is in need of help during this period, please email.

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