Wednesday 21 September 2011

New Furniture

a selection of six pieces from my new furniture collection with a quick run down of what the drawers would have once belonged to. all drawers used were found in the uk without their original housing. available to view now at Elemental.
two 50s science lab desk drawers, gothic style 60s sideboard drawer, painted dresser drawer, 40s oak desk stationary drawer, 20s desk drawer, two 60s danish sideboard drawers, two void spaces for books, displays etc.
60s g-plan dressing table drawer, two 20s dressing table jewellery drawers, deco dresser drawer, 70s teak drawer from fitted wardrobe, two 20s oak paper filing drawer trays, 50s haberdashery glass fronted drawer, 30s chest drawer, 70s 'stag' chest drawer
door from 60s cocktail cabinet, tea chest shipping crate with later metal handle, g-plan dressing table drawer, antique style chest drawer, paper filing tray drawer, deco dressing table drawer, two 20s desk drawers, 50s fitted wardrobe wooden framed glass door
60s gothic style sideboard drawer, 30s chest drawer, two 30s haberdashery drawers, single singer sewing machine table drawer, 30s chest drawer, 60s kitchen cabinet drawer, 40s oak desk drawer, homemade 'bird box' infill, victorian workshop or shop fitting drawer
60s kitchen drawer, section from deco dressing table drawer, deco dressing table drawer, 30s filing cabinet drawer, void space for books etc, two 60s g-plan chest drawers, large deco dressing table drawer, two victorian jewellery drawers
50s fitted wardrobe drawer with glass front, sewing machine table drawer, 60s kitchen cabinet drawer, painted dressing table drawer, fitted sideboard drawer, 70s sideboard drawer, tiny void display space, two antique style desk drawers, sewing machine table parts drawer, painted chest drawer, 60s formica sideboard drawer, machinery parts drawer

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