Saturday 21 January 2012

vintage lecture chairs

 big vs. small. recent finds, both almost the same folding design.
the red one was found in a south london car boot sale, the blue one was found in a gloucestershire junk shop. tubular steel, pressed steel and plywood construction with rubber feet.
 the blue one is a 'fold-a-bye' by sebel (stak-a-bye era) and i think the red one is also by sebel but could be a tri-ang model.
 they join another of my 'lecture-chairs' - a herman miller eames stacking chair with fold-up writing tablet (below)
i love stacking & lecture type eames chairs, they have a nostalgic history to tell which is regularly destroyed by modern design dealers that unbolt and scrap the bases in favour of rocking, eiffel or dowel bases which are of course more suited to domestic situations but a vintage lecture chair makes an ideal laptop work desk for those in smaller homes.

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