Friday 27 April 2012

Ally Capellino Portobello - Material Details

Ally's Portobello shop opened last year but i've only just realised that i took a lot of mobile phone pictures of materials used while making the interior, so here they are...
 the previous gift shop interior was ripped out and taken back to basics - back to school
 Solid walnut ex-school gym flooring used throughout the store, thick-solid wood so it can be bashed about, take heavy wear and always leave you with the option of refinishing it again and again
 ...i always try to squeeze a chair or two into my projects, this interior called for one of my favorite british design classics designed by James Leonard. Above: the stacking chair with rare shaped plywood backrest, cast aluminium frame. Below: a very rare 'head-masters' chair with arms.
 simple door pull handles made from off-cut scraps of leather from ally's studio, designed to camouflage with the original gym floor markings on the woodwork
 below: display plinth / shop floor storage units. simple tan leather handles also used on the storage drawers as well.
all of the new shop fittings are made with galvanized steel framework with inset panels (shop counter above)
 Below: nice metal ladder found during the shop fit in the friday morning portobello rd market
Below: i found this little friend at a car boot sale and thought he would be perfect for showing off Ally's dog collar range
Above: the large grey enamel industrial lamp shades came from an old car factory
Below: i enjoy making shop counters. this one has a paper holder for wrapping goods at one end, a display cabinet section, inset leather work surface, hidden till system and loads of storage space in a  galvanized steel framework with solid maple side panels -one heavy counter
 old science lab stands sourced to display bags
 Above: Large central table - an ex haberdashery/textile table with inset brass metre rule. the fold up extension at one end and double drawers provide flexible display options
above: another great doormat boarder by Martin Bates of Beech Carpentry
 Above: As in Ally's Shoreditch shop, industrial pipe fittings were used for hanging rails,
industrial bits and bobs also used to fit the paper roll to the shop counter (below)
 Below: galvanized sheet steel used on the display/storage plinths
above: galvanized steel racking used in the window display
 Below: Kris Ho putting some finishing touches to the front double doors which were salvaged from a building in Hoxton Square. The entire exterior was rendered with a natural finish, new awnings and colour matched woodwork/metalwork.
 so it should have looked something like this below...
 Now Open...

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