Sunday 11 August 2013

William Mitchell ARCA

William George Mitchell is an English sculptor, artist and designer.
He is best known for his large scale concrete murals and public works of art from the 1960s and 1970s.
I recently discovered a piece of his at a London flea market (above/below detail) and until I researched his work I didn't know how much of his art I had already seen, walked & driven past and even touched before. William Mitchell ARCA is a name i will now know for ever. If anyone has any further information on the piece I have please could you let me know...
Curzon Cinema Mayfair 1965
Harrods Egyptian Escalator 
Liverpool Cathedral

Swiss Cottage Community Centre
A climbing wall at Hockley Flyover, Birmingham.
...the list goes on, his work is truly amazing, a lot of it can be found here 
please get in touch if you know anything about my piece, thank you.

William Mitchell ARCA has confirmed that this is one of his works. more details to follow soon. All photographs on this blog post are credited to sculptor and designer:  William Mitchell ARCA

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