Sunday 21 February 2016

Money for Nothing, BBC1

If you have visited my blog before, you will have noticed that i've got progressively worse at up-dating it as Twitter has taken over as my regular recorder of choice, hence, I've only just realised that I didn't update my projects for the BBC1 TV show, Money for Nothing.
Working on the show was a rather different yet refreshing change for me. I was given 6 items during 6 episodes, all items were saved from the tip just seconds before becoming landfill. All completely at random without prior knowledge of what would be delivered to me, with the brief: 'Do whatever you want with it', Creative freedom is the best! I made a range of products from items that i would never normally choose to work with but this was the really refreshing, exciting part for me, being thrown in at the deep end and seeing what happens.
I'd like to thank Sarah Moore, Mike and the whole gang at Friel Kean Films for a great opportunity,
I have decided not to work on the second series to focus on other things but hopefully I'll be working with them again one day.
So here they are, with limited time, money and no knowledge of what i'd be working with this is what i came up with, some perhaps more successful than others...

above/below: 1960's blanket box, cut in half and reassembled with a new middle section to make a modern sideboard with hidden storage sections at either end...

old sewing machine base with new extending wooden top and treadle powered fan, useful useless machine!  
above/below: An unusable old wooden step ladder turned into a metamorphic chair/step ladder, would have happily kept this one, love making chairs...
small wormy knackered table taken apart, new reclaimed red timber sections added and refinished to make a huge refectory table 
a small selection of odd timber and metal become this small cabinet with cupboard and adjustable shelf
an old painted door sliced up and reformed into a hallway/console table with added skip-find mirror

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