Saturday 5 November 2016

Design Dealer Urban Myths

Not by Charlotte Perriand (once available in MFI UK)
For many years now, design dealers and Ebay sellers have listed whatever they have for sale with designers' names attached to help sell the item. In some cases, the item for sale may well be a poor period copy of the named designer, in other cases, such as 'Eames Era' the attachment of an incredibly important designer's name has been dumbed down over time to flog any old retro tat.
This annoys me but what really gets to me is when a dealer attributes a designer's name to an object as they have no idea who really made the item but the dealer thinks that a name will help to sell the item; sometimes they even do it knowingly and corruptly. These are know as 'Design Dealer Urban Myths'.
The more that these myths are thrown around the more mud sticks; sometimes these myths even make their way into major but lazy auction houses. These auction houses publish the myths and dealers use this as a reference point to add weight to the lies and the wheel keeps spinning. Keep telling people long enough and generations start to believe it.
Here are a few of my favourite current Design Dealer Myths.
Please feel free to contact me with any evidence that any of these myths are real. Google isn't proof.
Not by Osvaldo Borsani (really by Ikea)
Not by Robin Day
Not by Charlotte Perriand 

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