Wednesday 5 November 2008

showroom display stand for Makin Jan Ma

this is a showroom display stand for Makin Jan Ma's (MJM) new jean's company; 'tough-love'.
i had approx 2 days to come up with something with no budget. makin said that it should be something rather rusty and industrial (...and fast). so with no budget i used a couple of old friends; floorboards and an industrial trolley i purchased in france. these were used together as a free-standing multi sided display unit. the product is displayed; 1.slung-hung 2.folded neat 3.hanging stock (although not with white plastic hangers!) with space on top of the handing rail to display makin's product packaging boxes. the woodwork, metalwork and rust was sealed in to keep everything clean. if the new range goes well, there are a number of other retail display p.o.s stands to be made using other industrial pieces; tables and ladders given to larger shops and larger orders. but for now this stand can be seen at the old street showroom of Spin PR.
the huge collection of odd drawers in the background are for making more new multi drawer cabinets when i get the time.

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