Saturday 6 December 2008

Day Dreaming Catalogue

Day Dreaming Catalogue / Bread n Butter, for my good friend; Art Director Rainbow Chun. i was asked to do this project on a short deadline over a public holiday so it was a bit hard to get it together but it work out and was well received by the client & public. Rainbow used a single model; Alex Alexeyeva (also on the Observer shoot) and shot by Stephan Ziehen. Rainbow and Stephen work well together as both understand what is required of each other, i really enjoy working with them and always look forwards to the next project with them. there are a few details with the props that really annoy me as it was a bit of an odd mix of period pieces and styles but the soft tones tied everything together. i find pieces like the umbrella and a stack of books often work just as well as elaborate sets. click on the photos to see larger images.

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