Tuesday 10 March 2009

Tubular Steel Furniture, PEL Chairs, by SCP

a good find...
approx 30 Classic PEL cantilever chairs - chromed steel tube (heavy weight) with upholstered seats and back rest sections. these are late 1980's issues by SCP.
i'm a big fan of tubular steel chairs and the use of tubular steel in domestic and commercial furniture design in the 1920s & 30s. i've found a hand-full of the re-issue pieces by SCP in the past including some great desks but the upholstery on the re-issues is never that great.
i have a large personal collection of original, mostly British Pel, Cox, Du-al and kingfisher chairs, mostly ex-village hall, church hall, school and prison chairs. many variations of the same basic chair, using the same construction methods but each with just a slight difference. one day i will photograph them for this blog as i would like to promote the importance of these sometimes forgotten design classics which are an integral part of every day design in British history and should be recorded and celebrated as such. Without even knowing it, I bet that everyone reading this blog has sat on a Pel (or similar) chair at some point in there life.


"SCP was set up by Sheridan Coakley in 1985 to sell classic furniture designs of the Modern Movement (including pieces by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Alvar Aalto) and to manufacture new products designed and made in the same spirit. Today, all the items commissioned and sold by the company maintain the tradition of functional, well made designs which are also a delight to see and touch.
Among the earliest products manufactured by SCP were tubular steel designs, some reproduced from the catalogue of PEL, the original maker, and some by new designers like Matthew Hilton."

Source: Aszozo.com

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