Monday 20 July 2009

hackney community college - rubbish at recycling

a daily sight at hackney community college, this photo was taken today. take a closer look into this skip - i think that at least 90% of the contents of this skip can be recycled, the metals would even bring in some money and any design lovers out there will spot the two adult sized unbroken 'hille stack' chairs designed by Robin Day on top of the heap. also spotted at the back of the skip -two lab stools, a classic GLC in-house design.
the fork-lift skip loader to the right hand side also has an interesting collection of vintage wallpapers wasting away.
the photo below was taken some time ago and although i don't think i'll ever buy a bog-standard white garden chair i do hate to see a healthy chair put down, maybe martino gamper could use it? (below, below)

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