Friday 24 July 2009

New Furniture

(All Sold) Really pleased to have photographed all of my homemade furniture yesterday, most of which i will try to post here asap. a really big thanks to Chris Brooks (the photographer) and Adam Carr / Mike Skrgatic for assistance on the day.
I've been collecting odd drawers for the past four years. Every drawer has been salvaged without its original carcass or housing, I do not use or collect drawers that already have a use in an existing piece of furniture. I started making the piece seen above last year so its really great to now have it photographed and ready to find a new home.
Every drawer has a history, i could go on for ages just telling you about my history with the drawers but here is a short run down of where i discovered each drawer used in the piece above:

3 Victorian mahogany chest drawers from Wimbledon, London // 6 Haberdashery Shop drawers oak and glass from Battersea, London // 3 Singer sewing machine table drawers from a factory in Shoreditch, London // 2 oak fitted wardrobe drawers from Margate // 1 very small drawer made from scrap wood by my friend Martin Bates // 1 teak fronted 50s office desk drawer from Clapham, London // 2 Art Deco dressing table drawers from Clapham, London // 1 oak sideboard fitted cutlery drawer from Margate // 1 Victorian mahogany office cabinet drawer from Margate // 1 foxed mirror from a hall stand from Wimbledon edged with teak from a science lab table from Northampton and a handle found in Brick Lane.


  1. really nice work!! i will be out at the weekend looking for bits, I only hope mine look half as good as yours

  2. Hello Rupert,
    I think these are the mOst wonderful pieces of furniture I have seen for a very, very long time. I saw your work in September in Elemental, Spitalfields Market, and am so glad that I picked up one of your postcard so that I could discover this website. Sadly, I'm very poor, so unable to afford buying anything, but they are, and will be an inspiration for my own creations, (that I will make on a much less well crafted level, no doubt!).
    Thank you, and best wishes,
    abie, newly arrived in Devon

  3. I love your ingenuity and vision. What a genius idea.