Friday 2 April 2010

001: Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma

An Introduction. while longing for the days of bulky family photo albums the recent realisation of the rapid disappearance of such transient ephemera in car boot sales, flea markets and junk shops i have decided to create my own album to collate a group of interesting locals to record a part of my own history. 'flicker' is an amazing facility but many, many millions of digital images depress me, they are just waiting to be deleted, corrupted or forgotten about without ever having the honour or worth of printing and holding.
rather than add to this i am creating a file on this blog called 'Interests: Locals'. i will collect 100 or so images before making a book via a blog printing company to hopefully be lost and one day found in a house clearance sale.
all photographs will be taken on my mobile phone, most will be out of focus and offered for historic rather than photographic value. the subject - these are not randomly selected people photographed for style magazines, these are the people i see on a irregular/regular basis over the years, friends, colleagues, clients and casual acquaintances. people making a difference. not all are local to east london but all are local to me. this is a collection to record a person, a place and a point in time. i'm not going to go into any great detail about the subjects, just a name. these files will appear from time to time alongside my normal styling and salvage posts.
i've wanted to start this project for a while but it was kicked off tonight by the visit of Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma to the warehouse. bearing a gift of an Ilya Fleet hand made leather belt, a lovely gift that sadly didn't fit me so hopefully a slightly larger one will arrive one day. great quality, designed and made in london. thank you both.

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