Wednesday 5 May 2010

shop local

currently working on a shop display system for a new london food-hall. i've been thinking a lot about classic tiered displays, maybe because of the yearly childhood sight of my gran's charity fund raising jam-stall. fantastic deco type wooden display corner units with hidden cupboard area to the rear and a central connecting tier that resembled the de la warr pavilion. originally made by my grandfather in three parts for easy transport and so the display could be adjusted according to the amount of jam that was produced for sale. all three wooden units were freshly painted every few years. jams and chutneys would move down the tiers and towards the centre as they sold out during the popular annual event. maybe this is the reason for my appreciation of village halls, wooden panelling and early tubular steel furniture? (village hall pel chairs)
in the mid 80s photo: my sister who has just had her second baby boy last sunday, my gran and my cousin christopher. thanks to my mum & dad for finding the photos (click on photo to enlarge).

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