Thursday 1 July 2010

box fascination - a ongoing study of boxes in public places

spotted today on top of a pile of 'fly-tipping' on Long Street, Shoreditch, but good enough to show in a gallery; a large bail of crushed wooden fruit crates with screen printed product details. these crates must have gone into a bailing/crushing machine to achieve the overall cube shape tied together with only two thin strings. before scrap metal prices went crazy you used to be able to find some amazing fly-tipping gems around the dimly-lit back streets of east london, these days you only find the very worst, very hard to recycle materials such as plaster board and hardcore dumped everywhere and this bail would disappear in seconds for fire wood during the winter. i'm rather tempted to go back for this bail and put a clear glass sheet on the top to use as a side table/coffee table or retail display piece.
the picture above is not my own, i can't remember where i found it but it's a good collection of crushed and bailed cardboard fruit trays and boxes- maybe at the back of a supermarket?
a fantastic mountain of assorted smaller cardboard boxes from a second hand book sale visited by Reference Library (thanks for the photo)
a smaller box mountain outside the main entrance to pitti ummo, italy 2010. the installation inside the main entrance was made from new plastic crates meanwhile the cardboard boxes where shunned and dumped just outside.

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