Thursday 25 November 2010

styling/sets for Office shoot...

Jay Hess asked me to do a shoot for Office (the shoe retailers) last month, a fun project with a brief of 'domestic hiking' ...using a lot of classics/midcentury modern furniture and many of my old friends; tubular steel stacking pel/cox chairs and a mountain of drawers -many of which have already found a new life in more of my cabinets. the final results can be seen in the Office magazine that is free in stores across the uk now.
an early 70s morris of glasgow desk balances precariously on a early 50s american prison chair
 ...teak mountain. the tea trolley slipped off a few times
 a colourful stack of my babies! just out of shot was me and veyes propping up the heavy stack while trying not to get crushed by them. one day i'll write a book about these chairs.
this 1930's french steel folding cafe table was stacked on top of another kitchen table -a very scary stack.
this picture feels very familiar to me, trying to find that missing drawer at the back of the warehouse or maybe climbing over a skip?
 my poor chairs but good to give them a day out
(stop standing on james leonard chair with the rare curved back -or- chairs are for sitting on)
thank you to Veyes for helping on the day.

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