Saturday 29 October 2011

Crate Furniture Collection now available at Lifestyle Bazaar

 My 'Crate Furniture Collection' can now be found at Lifestyle Bazaar in Shoreditch. Constructed with salvaged Victorian floorboards and an assemblage of sections from vintage wooden packing crates with their original text and graphics. I've collected old crates for the last ten years from car boot sales and house clearances and started to make furniture from broken sections around a year or two ago. The 'collection' is made up of two sizes of tables, a number of dining chairs, a sideboard/cabinet and an edition of coffee tables. The found woods are cleaned and restored before they are given a new lease of life with either a natural, waxed or varnished finish.
The table seen in the pictures above has now sold but i have just finished and brand new one and delivered it to Lifestyle Bazaar today, i also have a larger 8-10 seater on its way.
 The sideboard/cabinet is 100% recycled; salvaged plywood hoarding framework, Victorian pine floorboard sides and legs, crate packaging front, vintage old stock cast iron handles found in a car boot sale, thick pine dresser top from a junk shop in Margate. Even the screws, nails and hinges were salvaged from a kitchen fitting company.
 the sideboard/cabinet has a paint finish interior and a clear waxed exterior, the handles are in the original grey finish that they were found in.
 I previewed the coffee tables at midcentury-modern; welded steel base with reclaimed heavy pine 'kiln' boards with metal edge banding, salvaged from a brick making company.
The entire collection is very limited in production due to the nature of the salvaged and found materials used in the construction. Available now at  Lifestyle Bazaar.

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