Tuesday 18 October 2011

Sharing Table for Ally Capellino

 A new table for Ally Capellino.
Commissioned for a very special dinner for 20 very special guests today in the new Portobello shop. Inspired by impromptu gatherings where any available tables are pushed together, the 'Sharing table' is made of early Victorian mahogany to 1970s formica tables found during the last 10 days in second hand markets across london.
PLEASE NOTE : the table(s) will return to where they came from unless there are any takers for it within the next week or so? please email if interested.
Materials used:
60s formica & beech kitchen table, Victorian Mahogany table with books, 70s motorway cafe formica and steel table, 50s g-plan gate-leg dining table, post war ply/pine and oak gate-leg table, 30s reproduction antique plant table, Georgian ebonised gate-leg table with tennis balls, 30s/40s extending oak dining table. recycled plywood infills where needed.
Every table had to be height adjusted to create a level playing field, some adjustments were easier than others, old james bond paperback books and tennis balls are just right
 all set and ready to go - thanks to Pizza East for the food and Leila's Cafe for the classic Ercol chairs, i also made 20 stools for this project which i'll show you soon but we thought that it might be better to give the guests chairs to lean back in after a tasty meal.
 the name cards used were Ally Capellino wallets!
i wanted the surface to resemble one of my multi-drawer cabinets with hopefully a happy, harmonious collection of contrasting periods and materials used.
 (what are you looking at?)
...people were a lot happier than they appear in my rubbish mobile-phone pictures (honestly). Panasonic Lumix- if you are out there and listening- i need you.
Thanks to Pizza East, Leila's Cafe, Ally Capellino and all of her guests for a fantastic meal.
No tables were harmed in the making of this dinner.
Thank you to Veyes Tse for helping me with this project.

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