Wednesday 26 September 2012

Recycled Shop Awnings

 This week i've been working mostly with old shop front awnings, rotten old ones salvaged from a company in south london. luckily we had a break in the rain to get outside and unroll the old canvases to see what we had to work with... that's my great helper Veyes in the photos...
 above: dirty old awning with nice hand painted shop/cafe name painted on it and my dirty old redwing feet
below: a plain green awning and veyes's dirty old redwing feet
 above: a rather large very faded awning (and veyes again) sadly no type on it
below: nice double stitching details but lots of rips...
 below: lastly, my favourite section of old shop awning, amazing fade gradient from Red to White and my dirty redwing feet. i think this will be my new desktop image.

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