Saturday 22 September 2012

visitors to the workshop/show photos by polly benford

 thank you to polly benford for giving me these pics that she took at the space the other evening...
 above: more work less chat - ByBoth in the workshop
below: Jason and Veyes trying to make a speedy exit as i ask them to do something...
 below: one half of the amazing duo VAAS Studio who sell their designs in Momosan Shop
 Below: (left) Akira and friend from Nonusual/Gropes fame
 above: the brothers Blanchard and some rather nice chairs
below: a glimpse of Makin Jan Ma from MJM, ByBoth and Martino Gamper (mega star)

 above: the lovely Nic and Jonny, Martin (the carpenter) and a tiny bit of the amazing Jazz
below: Jazz opening up one of the tasty hexagon biscuits provided by VAAS Studio
 above: how many people can you squash onto a small two seater sofa? would appear at least three
below: Michael Marriott who attended with his bag of smelly chips, but as he also donated an odd drawer to me i didn't mind
 above and below: feet and floors as it starts to get really busy...
above: lastly, Martin keeping Jazz and Robin entertained. i think Jazz fits my chair rather well.
Thank you Polly for the pics.

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