Wednesday 7 November 2012

Biscuit Tin Cabinet

 Cabinet/Sideboard made from reclaimed plywood and veneered with sections of vintage (mostly c.1960s/70s) british biscuit tins, mainly red and blue in colour, top surface veneered with mostly unprinted sections of biscuit tins.

 I made this as a self-learning process to see how i could work with old tin materials and if i could get the cut and folded edges to a safe enough state to handle on a daily basis as a piece of furniture.
All of the tins used were found damaged or with missing lids and abandoned at the end of car boot sales that i visited during 2012.
The tins a fixed with round-head screws and flat head nails. Two vintage cupboard polished steel handles are used on the double doors. The cabinet sits on a welded steel box section base.

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