Wednesday, 30 January 2013

10 Vintage Black and Decker Workmates For Sale

please email me at if you are interested in buying any of the following vintage workmates, they are all 'barn-finds' (unrestored) and need to be collected from Shoreditch in East London...
Please note: this is a re-post as i had to go away last time i posted this so i thought i'd offer it again to be fair to everyone:
01. WM525 Type XA box and press steel, good colour with orange stops £40
02. WM626 Type E04 pressed steel, aluminium. catches sticking or not all catching £25

03. steel, box section, aluminium base feet, printed wooden step £35
04. steel, box section, aluminium base feet, printed wooden step, 3 blue stops £35
05. WM625 Type E05 pressed steel, aluminium centre £35
06. pressed steel, stickers, cut damage to top planks £25
07. WM536 'workmate 200' mini workmate £25
08. mini workmate pressed steel £25
09. WM125 rare first workmate £200

10. WM625 Type E04 pressed steel, aluminium centre, broken side bar £20

please email me  for further information or to view in person

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