Thursday 24 January 2013

FREE furniture swap (now all swapped)

As my workshop, warehouse and momosan shop keeps evolving, I constantly fight for space so I've decided to start giving away some furniture & materials over the coming weeks in an effort to clear some space and hopefully find new homes for some of my designs & surplus materials.

I would like to swap the items on offer for anything you want to offer - see rules below
a book, a favour, piece of wood, help, art, something broken, drink, service, ANYTHING...

This process starts today with a couple of my own pieces.
I will decide on the best 'Swap' in the next few days and contact the winner, I will consider any swap of anything...

 Item 01: BSC016
A matching pair of side cabinets made from plywood, steel bases and salvaged teak drawers with aluminium handles designed by Finn Juhl
Item 02: SBC012
A small cabinet made from plywood, stell base, workshop cabinet door and two salvaged drawers

1. I only take swap offers via Twitter
2. Tweet me @rupertblanchard with your offer
3. Items on offer are for Collection only from Shoreditch, sorry no shipping
4. The item on offer needs to be collected from Shoreditch in a reasonable time (7-10days)
5. Nothing is new so don't expect it to be new
6. Only one swap per person
7. My decision is final

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