Saturday 6 April 2013

The Importance of Stuff

3 Nest-A-Bye British made tubular steel stacking chairs,
Made in the midlands under the Sebal (Stack-A-Bye) brand.
Little did i know that tubular chairs would become such a big part of my life.
The way we furnish our homes is said to reveal our personality, both real & aspirational but it can also subconsciously influence & inspire future generations, this was recently evident as i rediscovered three items while helping to tidy up my dads shed.
I am not a minimalist, I am not a hoarder. I have been conditioned by the environment that i grew up in but I would like to think that I can understand & appreciate what i consider to be both good & bad design.
I have no desire to live in a museum, objects and interiors should be functional yet beautiful, Trinkets should be kept to a minimum, Collections can be large but should be defined & constantly edited.
The items in my dads shed that I remember playing with as a child appear to have clear links to my design choices and the objects that i still play with today.

'Watch Makers Drawers' that used to be in my Grans kitchen,
no idea if they really were watch makers drawers but they were always
stuffed with string, paper, pencils and what-nots.
Enamel Sign, One of a few different signs in the garage,
representing Typography, Workshops, Materials.

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