Sunday 7 April 2013

TFL Canteen Tea Trolley / Design Junction Milan 2013

the TEA sign on top spins around as the trolley is pushed along
I seem to get asked to build trollies fairly often, This one is for Transport For London (TFL) to use at Design Junction in Milan 2013 (EDIT).The customised vintage Tea Trolley will be serving tea for the duration of EDIT. Tea will be served in enamel mugs from Falcon Enamelware. The cups will be available to buy along with the tea as well as a number of other home and kitchenware items. The Tea Trolley is a taster for the May launch of the London Transport Mobile Canteen. 
 With reference to some of my earlier sideboard designs, I used salvaged sections from scrapped London Buses to clad the trolley and make a fitted drawer...
 Above: a vintage tea chest is used for additional storage and display space
Below: the simple TEA sign spins around like a flashing beacon when the trolley is pushed along
 Tea please
...if you like this trolley you might also like to see another trolley i made HERE
Below: Bus Cabinet

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