Friday 1 November 2013

History of the high street found in a drawer (All that is left behind: Case study of British graphic design on paper bags)

Selfridges / Festival of Britain
When searching for materials to work with I often discover items that I had no intention of finding.
On a recent salvaging expedition I collected together one persons history of shopping as it was discarded at the end of a house clearance. As the waste-not-want-not ethic erodes and hoarders are in decline I feel there is great value in recording elements of everyday life that are deemed to be worthless financially. Many of the bags were found being used as drawer liners, others packed into drawers fresh from the shops with the original purchased contents still intact and unused. The original owner appears to be a single lady living in south east London. Here follows a selection.
Boot prescription bag
Tollit and Harvey Ltd. Manufacturing Stationers & Printers
Wests of Ilford 
Chiesmans The Family Stored
D H Evans, Oxford Street 
W H Smiths (medium size) 
Neatawear of Regents Street
Bourne & Hollingsworth Ltd, Oxford Street
John Menzies with useful Decimal Currency converter
John Lewis, Oxford Street (small bag)
Bentleys Bread (one of my favourites) 
Sainsbury's - Good food costs less at - (how long have they been using that?)
Sainsbury's - Make it a Sainsbury chicken for a change
Chiesmans The Family Stores (small bag)
Batters Better Bread, Croydon, Surrey (another lovely bread bag) 
Needlewoman. 146-148 Regents Street 
Bow Bells Wool Shop. 48 Cheapside, London EC1
D H Evans (chic small bag with carry handle) 
Denis Weaver Ltd, Stationery, Dover & Deal (shopping on holiday?) 
Achille Serre. cobblers shoe bag?
St Michael the brand name of Marks & Spencer
John Hood Ltd. The leaders in modern cleaning!
Nicholsons. St.Paul's Churchyard 
Gamages, Holborn
Youngs of Bexleyheath 
British Home Stores (sounds much better than BHS) 'Prova' for quality
Not a bag, Early brown printed wrapping paper for John Lewis, Oxford Street 
...and a late 60s early 70s John Lewis bag. Never knowingly undersold.

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