Friday 1 November 2013

Elements Table (Marble, Mirror, Wood, Steel, Aluminium)

 I made this table for Momoko at Momosan Shop to use during London Design Festival 2013.
I've only just got around to photographing some of my new work, I'll be posting new photos over the coming weeks here. I would like to think that one day I might have a home large enough to use this table next to a sofa. Really enjoyed making this table that came together very quickly as the result of a five minute conversation with Momoko. The surfaces are all locally salvaged items hoarded during the past 10 years in East London, presented on a new tubular steel base, perhaps the first time i've ever worked with tubular steel in my own work.
 Large : the green marble table top was found without any base from a dealer in Spitalfields market
 Medium : Mirror, one of a few found discarded on 'the waste' saturday morning market in Dalston
Small : a Cafe table top, wood with aluminium top, found without base in Brick Lane salvage yard

For all of my new furniture photos;
Thank you to Jason Chow (photography) and Gareth Powell (assistant)

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