Sunday 4 January 2015

making furniture...

picture above courtesy of elemental
 2014 has been a rather busy year building a new home and workshop. I only had time to make a very small furniture collection, but I'm still collecting and hoarding discarded drawers and waste materials whenever i can with the hope that one day I'll bring these orphaned objects back into use.
I made four pieces as one of Kevin McCloud's Green Hero's at his Grand Design Live show. Here is one of the first pieces i've made in Margate, from a selection of drawers collected in Margate and London over the past 5 years, housed in a reclaimed plywood hoarding framework salvaged from the Olympic games building site in East London.
The starting point for these cabinets always differs. Sometimes I'll have a bolt-out-of-the-blue discovery and everything falls into place, other times I'll be playing a three-dimensional game of Tetris for a year or two until a cabinet is finished or rejected back into the hoarding mountain. Above and Below shows the start of my Tetris game before the elements are restored, I don't normally start with the metal base in place but i wanted to use up a few workshop oddments. the completed piece with Kevin McCloud at Grand Design Live before heading the Elemental's new shop in Shoreditch, London before hopefully finding a good new home. looking forwards to an exciting 2015...
from top left to right, 2 Art Deco dressing table drawers, 30's chest drawer, Victorian kitchen dresser drawer, workshop drawer, wardrobe sundries tray drawer, 2 haberdashery drawers, 2 Georgian dresser drawers, 20's chest drawer, Victorian shop counter till drawer, filing cabinet drawer, wardrobe drawer, wardrobe sundries drawer.
visit elemental's new shop on Shoreditch High Street if you would like to see the cabinet in person.

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