Friday 26 February 2016

Roald Dahl Shed at the Royal Festival Hall

A Design/Build retail display 'shed' project to accompany the new Roald Dahl exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre. I was asked to build something inspired by Dahl's own workspace/shed but not to replicate it, using new and reclaimed elements i built a large open framed shed structure using only a few key shed details. here are a few work-in-progress photos...
above: the metal framed Crittall window similar to the one in Dahl's own shed was salvaged from a huge pile of fly-tipping in Margate in progress photos, frame combines hanging rails, shelves, hooks, walls
above: the staggered wooden shelves were made from floorboards salvaged from a property in Sandwich, fixed to the white painted framework with very basic diy shelf brackets, classic shed chic.
below: the roof sections, painted cladding sanded and cleaned up, originally salvaged from the scenic railway at Dreamland, Margate
 below: i found a 1930's door identical to the one on Dahl's shed but it was just too heavy for the structure so i made up a simple tongue and groove shed door and fitted a vintage door handle with display hook to the inside...
 ...hopefully i'll get to see the exhibition soon

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